• Wednesday , 21 April 2021

Welcome To Citipups!

A bright cheerful space, we have been serving our customers in the heart of the colorful West Village of Manhattan for over 30 years in 2010 our second spacious store opened in the trendy Chelsea district.

Our healthy, happy puppies are selected from dedicated professional USDA licensed breeders whom we stand behind 100%…all puppies are kept up-to-date on their vaccinations and are monitored by our vets regularly. Although we specialize in small breeds with apartment dwelling in mind, we do have larger breeds available on request.

The Citipups experience is unique playpens are set up throughout the store so you can REALLY play and interact with a puppy until you make that special bond with your new family member. Citipups friendly and knowledgeable staff will cover everything you need to know about caring for your new puppy, we know taking a puppy home can be overwhelming your information packet includes a DO NOT PANIC sheet explaining common puppy stress factors and how to avoid them, as well as our cell and home phone numbers that is 24/7 SERVICE!

We also make sure you go home with the best supplies everything you need to set up your new friend comfortably and safely. Our stores are chock-full of quality products at reasonable prices from crates to carriers to natural holistic foods to organic toys to fashion collars, check out our unique selection for not only your new puppy but all your dog & cat friends! Can’t find it?…our buyer will order it for you.

Citipups offer services for your pet like: Grooming, Daycare & Boarding.

Most of our customers come to us by word-of-mouth referrals from loyal happy Citipups pet owners, the greatest compliment we could ask for.