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Here are some of the breeds we recommend and specialize in generally small to medium breed puppies who adapt well to apartment living.

We have included designer dogs, deliberate mixes of two pure breedsnthese are very popular in New York! In fact, Good Morning America this April featured some of our designer pups in the Chelsea store check out the link on the home page. If you are interested in a breed you do not see on our list, please call or email and our buyer may be able to arrange a special order within our network of breeders.

These are only brief general descriptions as personality and physical traits will vary from dog to dog:

Australian Shepherd, Toy

(8-17 lb) Bright, agile and attentive, this miniature version of the standard herding dog is wonderful with children, anxious to please and easy to train; she needs physical and mental exercise and will herd your shoes if you are. It careful! Medium length coat will shed some…brush as needed.

Bichon Frise

(10-17 lb) An affectionate friendly powderpuff. This curly pure white coat does not shed but does need regular combing and periodic trimming. A good city dog.

Boston Terrier

(12-26 lb) An excellent companion dog always ready to go out in his black & white ìtuxedoî coat. Friendly & lively, he is great with families.

Cairn Terrier

(13-16 lb) Feisty, energetic and mischievous, this small terrier will win your heart. Easy-care coat can be hand-stripped for best results & very low shedding.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

(13-18 lb) A sweet, gentle and playful toy dog with a long, silky coat. A perfect apartment dog, she is quiet, affectionate and amiable toward other pets and strangers.


(4-10 lb) Hailed as the smallest and longest lived dog in the world! Intelligent, alert and loyal, has either a smooth or long coat. Walk him on a leash like a ìbigî dog and he will become a very friendly companion; holding him protectively in your arms can make him unsociable.

Cocker Spaniel

(19-29 lb) An ideal family companion, the Cocker is very carefree and affectionate. His beautiful wavy coat does need combing often and grooming periodically.

Welsh Corgi, Pembroke

(24-30 LB) This short-legged herding breed is a very affectionate family dog intelligent (ranked 11th smartest dog), easy to train and alert. Fairly heavy shedder & brush often. Will eat everything in sight use portion control.

Miniature Dachshund

(7-12 lb) This long & low dog is one of the most popular in the world! Whether smooth, long or wire-coated, he is courageous and bold, lively and intelligent. A great city companion.

English Bulldog

(40-60 lb) Jovail, comical and amiable, he is also mellow and docile… a friend to all. He does not do well in heat, cannot swim and may snore or drool… facial folds should be cleaned daily.

French Bulldog

(22-30 lb) This bat-eared little clown is an excellent companion dog well suited to city living. His goal in life is to please and entertain his owner. Low maintenance coat needs only regular brushing.


(7-15 lb) Originally bred in Cuba, this member of the Bichon family is a great companion dog with an easy-going friendly temperament. His beautiful non-shedding silky coat occurs in many color varieties and is relatively high-maintenanceÖ every day combing and regular grooming. Best kept in a puppy cut.

Italian Greyhound

(9-16 lb) This graceful toy dog is elegant and high-stepping. His energy level can go from wind-up toy to couch-potato and back in no time! A wonderful companion for the city dweller.


(6-10 lb) Sweet, amiable and playful, the Maltese is a perfect apartment dweller. her fine silky non-shedding coat needs combing daily and grooming every4-6 weeks… best in a “puppy cut”.

Miniature Pinscher

(6-12 lb) The Min Pin is a toy breed who thinks he is a big dog! Confident, spirited and elegant & he makes a great watchdog while being a loving companion.

Miniature Schnauzer

(13-19 lb) With his distinctive whiskers and eyebrows, this German terrier is one of the world’s most popular companion dogs. Alert and protective, intelligent and loving. Non-shedding coat needs grooming every 6-8 weeks.


(6-12) This French lapdog is named for her butterfly ears. Friendly, obedient and elegant, she is said by some experts to be the brightest of the toy breeds.


(12-18 lb) This lion-like Chinese toy dog was the favorite of the Royal Palace for centuries. He exhibits great dignity, stubbornness and independence while his even temper and patience make him a loyal pet.


(6-10 lb) A foxy-faced fluffy tiny toy dog descended from the large German Spitz breeds. Lively, vivacious and elegant, she makes a wonderful companion.


(14-24 lb) With the face of a marmoset monkey, this ancient Chinese breed is renowned for his happy disposition, charming antics and compact size. He is a big favorite of children of all ages!

Shiba Inu

(15-28 lb) The smallest of Japan’s spitz breeds, she is believed to be Japan’s most ancient breed. The Shiba is “cat-like” in her cleanliness and intelligence. She is charming, self-confident and independent… may be reserved with strangers but loving with her family.


(9-16 lb) This ancient Chinese/Tibetan breed is vivacious, affectionate and playful… a perfect dog for families or small apartments. Her luxurious non-shedding coat should be combed often and she will need grooming every 4-6 weeks.

Toy Fox Terrier

coming soon…

Poodle, Toy

(4-12 lb) Said to be the most intelligent of dogs, the Poodle is also the most glamorous with her soft curly non-shedding coat… a groomer’s favorite! Very affectionate and loyal, she makes a great pet.

West Highland Terrier (Westie)

(15-21 lb) Of Scottish origin, this happy, curious and independent breed is affectionate but can be stubborn. Low-shedding wirey coat needs combing often and shaping every few months.

Yorkshire Terrier

(4-10 lb) The most popular toy dog in America, the Yorkie is a natural city apartment dweller. He is feisty, busy, inquisitive, spirited… can be stubborn and yappy if not trained well. His non-shedding silky coat needs brushing daily and grooming every 4-6 weeks.

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