• Sunday , 24 October 2021




Citipups carries only the best and most natural foods for your companion pet. Select from our assortment of quality brands everything from holistic to grain-free to freeze-dried raw diets. Remember, we will provide free delivery to your home or office just call us!


Citipups believes that not only should toys be fun, but they should be safe, challenging and (hopefully) long-lasting. We feature plush toys in totally organic fabrics as well as others that are tough and chew-resistant. Our collection of treat-dispensing toys will keep your pup entertained for hours!

Treats & Chews

CITIPUPS DOES NOT CARRY RAWHIDE! It is not totally digestible and can be dangerous, particularly for a puppy¥s developing system. We choose instead to concentrate on more digestible chews such as bully sticks (don¥t ask!), deer antlers (extremely long-lasting) or Smart Bones (looks like a rawhide bone but without the rawhide). All of our treats from chews to jerky to biscuits are formulated without artificial ingredients or chemical preservatives.

Leashes & Apparel

Citipups offers a wide assortment of leashes, collars, harnesses and apparel chosen for quality, fashion and value. Classic flat or woven nylon, distinctive colorful prints, upscale leather, crystal or metal studded designs. Included in the mix are proven training aids such as the Premier Gentle Leader head collar and Easywalker harness. Bring your pet in for a fitting!